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  •       Increase your productivity
  •       Reduce your labor
  •       Cut your inventory
  •       Improve your quality
  •       Uncover hidden information collected by your existing software
  •       Oversee your projects
  •       Manage your collection processes
  •       Control your maintenance
  •       Set-up & manage your procedures
  •       Prioritize your actions
  •       Locate places where to best invest your capital


  •      An expensive in-house computer system
  •      Special software & ongoing updates
  •      IT support
  •      Specially trained and dedicated data entry personnel

Using much of the information you presently generate, PDM (Performance Data Management) provides analysis, presentation and advice!  Our turnkey services include:

  • Data entry in off-site databases specifically designed for your operation or practice
  • Helping you establish goals or standards for performance
  • Analyzing your data to reveal areas of concern and suggest solutions
  • Reports by fax or e-mail on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Easy-to-understand reports directed to each specific audience
  • Creating and maintaining your operational and procedural manuals

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