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Doug Contreras, Managing Director of PDM, has executive level experience encompassing Management, Finance and Sales in both manufacturing and service businesses. His twenty-five years of experience in the design & implementation of management database systems includes:  

  • Production performance measurement and analysis
  • Pricing management
  • Collection management
  • Inventory management
  • Project management
  • Maintenance management
  • Order entry
  • Spreadsheet design, analysis and presentation
  • Operational manual design and maintenace

Doug served as Vice President of Operations at Permanent Label Corporation, Director of Operations at Contract Filling Inc., and Operations Manager at Laminall, Inc.  His innovative style of leadership, his problem solving skills and his expertise in analysis and presentation were instrumental in accomplishing the following:

  •      Using financial spreadsheet models, he analyzed the possible operational scenarios and consolidated common operations and job functions in a newly acquired subsidiary.  Sales revenue per employee increased by 87%.

  •      With a self-designed database project management program, he initiated and directed a team that successfully identified and addressed over 175 projects improving safety, quality and productivity in the Heat Transfer Label Division.  Improvements allowed this division to successfully compete in a significantly lower priced market.

  •      He designed and implemented the software to track and manage customer-owned goods.  Charge backs for excess scrap declined by 35%.

  •      Using many of his database tools, he profitably led a company through a two-year, 30% growth in sales while significantly reducing indirect labor.

  •      He developed a database-pricing tool that saved time, simplified the job quote process, eliminated errors while insuring that minimum contribution margins were satisfied.

  •      He designed and implemented the software to manage preventive maintenance that tracks and monitors over 5,000 activities per year.

  •      He set-up a program to measure productivity performance by setting standards and communicating the same to all key employees.  He implemented the system by developing the software and reports for summary and presentation.  This tool improved productivity by 25%.

  •      He created a reporting system which automatically correlated previously obsolete inventory to known usable inventory and distributed the updated reports to key personnel on a weekly basis.  These reports reduced excess inventory by 32% and resulted in a 10% increase in available cash.

  •      After tailoring existing software, he created a formal employee evaluation and review system enabling the company to reward and counsel personnel based upon performance and contribution.  Bonus and raises were equitably awarded and employee morale increased.

  •      He initiated and developed various spreadsheet pricing tools and strategies allowing management, sales and administrative personnel to quote new jobs quickly and accurately.  Sales opportunities were immediately addressed and pricing errors were minimized.

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                        Certified Analytic Professional

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