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Have you ever heard of the old expression,"cash is king"Insurance companies know what that means better than anyone else and they will try to operate with your cash as long as they can. They’ll find every excuse imaginable to deny or delay your payment!

Some governmental agencies mandate that insurance companies respond to a claim within 30 days or pay a stiff penalty. To get around this, insurance companies will tell you they have no record of your claim!

Your failure to promptly check on the status of a claim can result in total denial with the excuse that your claim was never filed or questioned within the prescribed time limits!

You are bound by insurance company contract agreements. This means that patient balance due follow-up cannot take place until the insurance company has made a valid determination and issued a final EOB telling you what you can charge. Unless your people are prepared with the appropriate information, the claim resolution can take months!

Some software aging reports are presented in Guarantor/Patient order with an incomplete information summary. This combination makes claim follow-up confusing and difficult. Additionally, their sorting and presentation methods can mean multiple calls to the same insurance company.

It is not uncommon to be on hold for twenty minutes to a half hour waiting to talk to a claims representative. Can your billing technician be productive while waiting on hold?

Some insurance call centers are located in foreign countries so language barriers can be a real problem. Concise, detailed and readily available information is a must!

Confusing report formats can result in clerical oversight, meaning money will be lost by allowing a claim to lapse!

A billing technician costs a minimum of $25.00 per hour. In today's economy pursuing claims with insurance companies and balances due from patients should be a full time job for a small to a medium practice. How much can you save each month by cutting that time in half?

We provide a simple command to allow your billing technician to automatically copy a series of your data files and send them to us by e-mail.

After processing your information, we organize and display all of the key information in an accounts receivable aging report that makes sense to the insurance company’s claims representatives.

We e-mail the report back to you in pdf format

We understand patient privacy and fully comply with HIPPA regulations.