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PDM protects your data with state-of-the-art anti-virus software.  The software is active at all times and as an added precaution, is set to automatically scan your data and our entire network daily.  Additionally, our system is firewall protected to prevent unauthorized intrusions.  Our anti-virus and firewall programs are automatically upgraded as newer versions and updates become available.

PDM develops a separate file structure for each client.  A client’s data is never pooled or stored in a shared file.  One client’s file system never has access or entry into another client’s system.  Each file is pass-coded restricting access to authorized PDM personnel. 
PDM has a triple redundant system to minimize service interruptions and we back up your data on daily basis to a secure off-premises site.

PDM does not share database files between clients.  We will not disclose your data to a third party without your written permission except as may be required by law.