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Performance Data Management LLC (PDM) agrees to maintain the privacy protections and will restrict the use and disclosure of all patient information (verbal, written, or electronic) obtained from your medical office only for the purposes of serving your office.

PDM understands that we may not sell, barter, give away or reveal any patient information for personal or business gain or any form of marketing or fundraising.

If PDM requires the services of subcontractors to process your patient information, we will do so only upon your written approval.  Additionally, we will require those subcontractors to be HIPPA Compliant as well.

PDM will keep current with the industry standards for security, implement and maintain appropriate safeguards to protect this information, and document all disclosures of this information with name, address and reason disclosed.

PDM will contact your office if we become aware of any situation in which the confidentiality of any patient information is breached within 24 hours of discovery, as well as take corrective action to mitigate the damages.

PDM will make all records concerning patient information and disclosure available to your office and to the US Department of Health and Human Services as may be required.

PDM understands that if there is a breach in our privacy obligations, our services may be terminated.

PDM agrees to return or destroy all patient information and keep no copies after the termination of our affiliation with your office.

PDM understands that the above restrictions are for the duration of our affiliation with your office and survive termination of our affiliation with your office.