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Good accounting and timely financial reports are important keys to operating any business or practice.  After looking at your bottom line, ask yourself whether your methods of information collection, retrieval and analysis provide the details needed to maximize your profitability.


My efficiency is as good as it can be and improves day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month.

I know the relative contribution ratio of each customer, each job and each product.

I know which equipment or processes are most productive.

I know my equipment utilization ratio and I am positive where I need to invest capital to increase my capacity.

I know who my most productive supervisors and line workers are.

My accounts receivable aging report provides all of the details needed to challenge unpaid invoices or claims and presents the information in an order that minimizes staff time.

My SOPs are clear, current, understood & observed.

I am satisfied with my present method of inventory management.

My equipment and facility maintenance program anticipates and addresses problems before we reach crisis mode.

My people never misinterpret product specifications and never make costly mistakes.

My pricing method provides exact and repeatable results.

The progress of my projects is being monitored and tracked to insure staff motivation and on-time completion.

The quality of my products or services is the best it can be.

I can quantify my quality by job, customer, worker, equipment, etc.

If you’re not happy with the results, consider Performance Data Management.  Our tried and proven tools work!  Reports, analyses, presentations and services are affordable and can be designed to meet your budget.